‘Dragon Tattoo’ Ending ‘Completely Changed’

Even as people are struggling to adjust to the idea of Rooney Mara as the new Lisbeth Salander, fans of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo have been slapped with another shocker—director David Fincher has decided to radically alter the ending of the American version of the film from that of Stieg Larsson’s novel.

Fincher tells W magazine (via MSN) that screenwriter Steven Zaillian (Schindler’s List) was given wide latitude to change things up, leading to a screenplay that “departs rather dramatically from the book.” Says Fincher,

“[Mikael] Blomkvist is less promiscuous, Salander is more aggressive, and, most notably, the ending — the resolution of the drama — has been completely changed…This may be sacrilege to some, but Zaillian has improved on Larsson — the script’s ending is more interesting.”

The American version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo—which is currently filming and also stars James Bond actor Daniel Craig—will be released on December 11.

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