Experts Reveal Golden Globes 2011 Predictions

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The Golden Globes are right around the corner and everyone is itching to know who is going to walk home with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s highest honor. Celebuzz spoke to some of our favorite award show experts to get their predictions for Sunday night’s Globes.

Does Natalie Portman really have a lock on Best Actress? Who is going to make a tear-worthy speech? Who will host Ricky Gervais mock while on stage? Read on to find our experts’ predications!

Stu VanAirsdale: Editor,

Top Picks to Win:

Best Actress (Drama- Film): Natalie Portman

Best Actress (Comedy- Film): Annette Bening

Best Actor (Drama- Film): Colin Firth

Best Actor (Comedy): Paul Giamatti

Best Film (Drama): The Social Network

Best Film (Comedy): The Kids Are All Right

Will The Oscars Mirror The Globes This Year?:

I think you’ll definitely see some redundancy between the Globes and the Oscars, particularly in Picture and the acting categories. The toughest one to call is Best Supporting Actress. Mo’Nique breezed through this category last year, but Melissa Leo, Jacki Weaver and possibly Amy Adams will battle for the Globe. And it’s hard to argue that a win here wouldn’t provide an invaluable profile boost for one of those women when it comes to the Oscars.

While You’ll Be Tuning Into The Globes Come Sunday:

For me, there are only two reasons to watch the Globes: Jacki Weaver’s upset victory as Best Supporting Actress, and the inevitable Ricky Gervais takedown of Mel Gibson. It will be the squirmiest, cringiest awards ceremony since David Letterman went all “Oprah-Uma” at the Oscars. I can’t wait!

Watch the trailer for Globe contendor Black Swan below.

Rob Licuria: Senior Editor, and

Top Picks to Win:

Best Actress (Drama): Natalie Portman

Best Actress (Comedy): Annette Bening

Best Actor (Drama): Colin Firth

Best Actor (Comedy): Paul Giamatti

Best Film (Drama): The Social Network (But watch out for The King’s Speech, which is right down the Golden Globes’ alley.)

Best Film (Comedy): The Kids Are Alright can’t lose.

Best Director: Christopher Nolan (Inception)

Possible Surprise Wins:

I expect Carlos to surprise a few and take the mini-series/TV Movie category. […] Expect a huge surprise when The Walking Dead wins Best Drama Series.

Who Will Give The Most Emotional or Funniest Speech?

If Eric Stonestreet wins, his speech will be the most emotional and probably the funniest. Portman, Firth and especially Bening and Bale should be on red alert – their speeches (if they win) need to be heartwarming and interesting (read: not a boring laundry list of names), or they will hurt their Oscar chances. A great speech will propel them forward in the race to theKodak in February.

Will The Oscars Mirror The Globes This Year?

It probably will to some extent, as many of the categories already appear to be decided, even before Oscar nominations have been announced! I mean, is there any possibility at all that Colin Firth won’t win Best Actor at the Oscars? If he wins the Globe, it will only further cement his frontrunner status. Same goes for the supporting actor and actress choices – these are competitive categories – the winners here should be popping the champagne corks because a win at the Globes gives them a much-needed leg-up in the next couple of weeks.

Watch Globe favorite Annette Bening in The Kids Are Alright trailer below.

Jeff Sneider: Columnist,

Top Pick to Win

Best Actress (Drama): Natalie Portman

Best Actress (Comedy): Annette Bening

Best Actor (Drama): Colin Firth

Best Film (Drama): The Social Network

Best Film (Comedy): The Kids Are Alright

Problems with the Comedy/Musical Category:

The Kids Are Alright will win [Best Film- Comedy] by default. Maybe it was just a down year. There were no Judd Apatow comedy that can get laughs and tug at the heart at the same time. I don’t see how The Tourist is a comedy or musical. Burlesque was not supposed to be very good. Alice in Wonderland was a total mess. Everyone thinks Johnny Depp will win for Best Actor- Comedy but that would be so easy.

Will Oscars Mirror The Globes This Year?

I think so. If Annette wins [Best Actress- Comedy] that will cement her a nomination at the Oscars and she’ll probably bump out Halle Berry. The Golden Globes is more about beating the Oscars to the punch, they want to anoint those winners before the Academy does.

Who are you rooting for at the Globes? Share your own predictions in the comments below.