Golden Globes Fashion Forecast: Peachy Shades and Bump Couture

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Whether or not Natalie Portman beats Michelle Williams at the Golden Globes is one thing, but what we really want to know is: what will they wear?

With her eyes fixed on her red carpet crystal ball, The Dish Rag writer and seasoned fashion reporter Elizabeth Snead predicts nominees like Williams, Anne Hathaway and Emma Stone will quite literally be looking peachy keen.

“I’m hearing from the companies that hook up stylists with designer gowns that there will be a lot of pink, coral and apricot,” Snead told Celebuzz.

If the Spring and Summer runway shows were any indication, there will be “embellished, ethereal and really really feminine” cuts on the carpet, Snead predicts.

“You’re not going to see a lot of structured gowns,” she said. “It’s going to be loose and lighter.”

The death of the bandage dress should come as welcome news to pregnant Best Actress nominee Portman, who is contracted to wear Dior, (the brand for which she posed topless in a perfume ad this week.) Look for Natalie to don a “mock-maternity” dress from the fashion house – unless they give her a pass to try something else.

“She could go flowy by Rodarte,” Snead told us, “but I’m sure they’ll want her in Dior.”

For Natalie and other glowing, expectant attendees like 30 Rock’s Jane Krakowski, celebrity stylist Art Conn advises a full-fledged flaunting of the bumps.

“It used to be just big frocks to try to cover up the pregnancies, but Heidi Klum was the first real celeb who wore a hot, tight dress on the red carpet,” Conn told Celebuzz. “She changed the game and just said, ‘I’m pregnant and it’s gorgeous.’ I think we’ll see that a lot more.”

Gorgeous and natural they may be, but baby bumps at the Globes could present a few issues for the moms-in-training. Stylists are accustomed to pulling sample size 2’s for clients like Natalie and even Anne Hathaway, who had to whittle down to a 2 after gaining a few pounds for her role in The Devil Wears Prada.

“(Stylist) Pat Fields said ‘You gotta lose 10 pounds, you can’t fit into couture,” Snead told Celebuzz. “It must be really hard on these girls.”

Couture, however, is chiefly reserved for the Oscars. The Globes, Snead reminds us, is the less fussy, champagne-soaked awards season kickoff party, which means the fashion should follow accordingly.

“People are less concerned with looking appropriate,” she told us. “The fashion is younger and shorter.”

And if Burlesque actress Cher is any indication, the style will also be riskier.

“Cher will be there,” Snead said. “Between her and Christina Aguilera, we should see something exciting.”

Whose Globes dress are you mighty excited to see? Sound off in the comments. For more Globes fashion forecasting, check out Golden Globes 2011: What Should They Wear.