On-Screen Parent/Child Duos That Closed the Age Gap (PHOTOS)

We're sure many people were thrilled to hear that Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg were reportedly teaming up to star in the upcoming comedy I Hate You, Dad, but when they heard Adam would be playing Andy's father, something didn't feel right.

At only 12 years apart (Sandler's 44; Samberg's 32), it seems like pulling off the father/son could be impossible for the potential on-screen duo, but fear not, as it most certainly can be done.

Celebuzz has compiled a list of on-screen parent/child duos that (mostly) made the age difference work.

From Rachel McAdams and Amy Poehler in Mean Girls to Olivia Wilde and Justin Timberlake in the upcoming action flick, Now, check out who we picked (and what their real age difference was) in the gallery!

Do you think the age differences are a big deal? How do you think Adam and Andy will pull it off? Hit the comments and let us know!



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  • lalala

    I think that they mean that it's not ideal to have a kid at age 19, which really, it isn't. Unless you get married really young and want to start popping out kids right away. Go for it!

  • Amber Stidam Grzyb
    Amber Stidam Grzyb

    19 is very believable and a fine age for many to have a baby although not everyone is mature enough at that age.

  • Colin

    How is nineteen years not believable? My mother and brother have less of an age gap than that.

  • Lucila Contartese
    Lucila Contartese

    OMG i didn't know it at all!!! That's wow weird.. haha good!

  • nope

    Nope, 19 years apart is a perfectly believable age.

  • Heather

    That's just weird!

  • sona

    ahahaahaahah that's funny and cool!!!

  • b

    He was fired because he insisted his character was FAT, but Peter Jackson the director, told him he didn't want the father to be a fat guy; when filming started some time later, Gosling put on like...30pounds weight, although the director told him not to, so.. HE WAS FIRED ON THE SPOT!!!

  • b

    He didn't "drop out" Celebuzz, HE WAS FIRED!!!!!