Predicting Natalie Portman’s Awards Season (PHOTOS)

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The timing couldn’t be more exciting for movie fans and stargazers alike: Natalie Portman is pregnant and engaged smack in the middle of awards season! And not just any awards season, but the one where her dark and twisted turn in Black Swan makes her a contender for every little golden statue in the game.

Since we frankly cannot wait to see how it all pans out (Will she win? Will she lose? Heavens to Betsy, WHAT WILL SHE WEAR?), we at Celebuzz launched into fantasy mode, crafting a week-by-week narrative of how Natalie’s awards season might go down. Will we be right? Maybe about some things? Will be wrong? Uh, definitely. Did we have fun doing it? Absolutely!

Click here to check out our purely speculatory Prediction of Natalie Portman’s Awards Season and tell us in the comments – how do you think it will play out for her?