Tom Felton to Play ‘Apes’ Villain in ‘Brilliant’ Prequel

Just like that, Tom Felton has jumped from one mega franchise to another, and he’s adamant that his first post-Potter film Rise of the Apes will reak of greatness.

“It’s one of my favorite scripts of any I’ve read,” Felton to the LA Times. “It’s a brilliant script. It’s a prequel to the classic, Planet of the Apes, so it explains how the apes came to power, and it’s a fantastic story, really.”

Direct Rupert Wyatt’s latest revival of the Apes franchise, which also stars James Franco and Andy Serkis (best known as Gollum in LOTR), is the sixth entry but the first to ditch actors in monkey makeup in favor of digital apes bent on world domination.

Felton is set to pay another villain; this time a human research facility employee named Dodge, but the 23-year-old who made his bones playing Harry Potter’s foil Draco Malfoy says he embraces being typecast. “I love playing a villainous role, and I would happily be known for that. A lot of great English actors have been known for that, perhaps Ralph Fiennes and Alan Rickman and Anthony Hopkins being some of the finest.”

Since plot elements of the new film are hazy, Felton spilled as much as Hollywood law would allow: “I have to be careful here because they haven’t given me a clearance to divulge the entire plot — as much as I’d like to. I can tell you it’s a great story. I’m amazed, really, that they didn’t do [the original films] in this order and start with this modern-day story. It seems logical to start with this story and then go forward from there. But here we are; they’ve come back and done this interesting story. It essentially follows one particular ape. The story follows this one ape as he ends up in a primate facility, a facility where my character works. Needless to say, I’m not that keen on the monkeys at my facility. I’m not the most pleasant person they’ve ever come across in their life. I show this one particular ape that there is a dark side to humans, and I’m not very nice. And that leads to a backlash…”

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Check out the trailers for the original 1968 Planet of the Apes and Mark Wahlberg and Tim Burton’s 2001 remake:

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