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You’ve already heard who the award show experts think will walk home with awards at the Golden Globes this Sunday, now it’s your turn to share your picks!

After four rounds of fierce battles between some of Celebuzz’s favorite celebs, we have tallied all of our readers votes to reveal who Celebuzzers think will carry home a Globe during this weekend’s show. Did Michelle Williams beat Natalie Portman? Did Emma Stone nudge out Angelina Jolie? Check out the results (and comments from readers) below!

Emma Stone vs. Angelina Jolie

Both Emma, 22, and Angie, 35, were surprise nominations in the Best Actress category for a Comedy/Musical. Emma was nominated for her lead role in the hit teen comedy, Easy A, while Angie is up for the Globe for her role in The Tourist. Ultimately, Celebuzz readers favored Emma with 55% of readers saying that she should take home the Globe over Angelina.

However, commenter “forgetmenot” sided with many critics in saying that Annette Bening should ultimately take home the Globe:

“Annette Bening shall be holding the Globe for Best Motion Picture Actress (Comedy/Musical) that night.”

Watch the trailer for Easy A below.

Lea Michele vs. Tina Fey

Lea, 24, and Tina, 40, were both nominated for Best Actress in the Television Series in the Comedy category. Both are talented, funny and have some serious lasting power. However, Celebuzz readers felt that Lea was more deserving of a Golden Globe with 64% coming out in favor of the Glee star. Commenter “Guest” noted that Lea has “impeccable comedic timing.” True that!

Jesse Eisenberg vs. James Franco

James, 32, and Jesse, 27, have both quietly made a name for themselves by acting in quirky but critically-acclaimed indie films before snagging Best Actor nominations. James was nominated for his role in 127 Hours while Jesse is up for his role in The Social Network. James ultimately won over a majority of Celebuzz readers by taking home 55% of the vote.

As commenter “Um Imran” noted, James gave a wonderful performance in 127 Hours: “He basically the only character in the movie for 90 minutes (protagonist, antagonist, comic relief), so if that is not oscar worthy, I don’t know what is!”

Watch the trailer for 127 Hours below.

Natalie Portman vs. Michelle Williams

Natalie, 29, and Michelle, 30, both made a name for themselves by perfecting the role of the indie ingenue and each were honored with a Globe nomination in the Best Actress category for Drama.

Natalie stunned audiences in Black Swan while Michelle won over critics in Blue Valentine and each is very much deserving of going home with a Globe. However, Celebuzz readers slated Natalie to win the Globe with 67% of readers voting for her to take home the award.

Watch the trailer for Black Swan below.

Do you agree with your fellow readers about Golden Globe picks? Share your thoughts in the comments.