The Best Dressed at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards (PHOTOS)

Hopefully the stars saved even better outfits for the Golden Globes this weekend, because they came to the Critics' Choice Movie Awards on Friday night dressed to kill.

Kim Kardashian showed off her famous curves in a Jessica Rabbit-esque red dress, while Natalie Portman looked bump beautiful as she showed off her pregnancy belly in a black-and-white flowy dress. As for the fellas, Ryan Gosling and Andrew Garfield looked straight out of the pages of GQ.

Check out the night's hottest fashions, and remember: Stay tuned to Celebuzz on Sunday night for the best Golden Globes coverage on the web!



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  • andrea pearce
    andrea pearce

    No surprize ,that once again Kim is the Hottest in Holiwood.Looking good girl.

  • angel

    She is beautiful, and any idiot to say she is fat or needs to tone up or lose weight is obviously off their rocker. Give me a break. As far as the dress, Its an amzing color, its very dramatic and perfect for the occasion. I think it looks wonderful. I dont know how the "K" sisls can even read all the negativity a lot of you are writing. Firstly is Kim or Khloe or Kourt were fat, they wouldnt be the most saught after women in the world right now..Whats hilarious is those who are so easy to state negativity are most likely butt ass ugly, work at for minimum wage, and will get no where at all in life. It makes me so mad to see people just be cruel and with no reason..

  • Emily

    I think the dress should have been a lil looser around wast and i didn't really like bottom half of the dress but its still a good pic

  • peanut


  • Araba Egyirba Essien
    Araba Egyirba Essien

    Hey Kim Kardashian somebody wanna met u gal!!!!!1

  • Araba Egyirba Essien
    Araba Egyirba Essien

    U look good gal!! will be my friend Kim Kardashian. Live in birmingham alabama originally from Ghana West Africa.

  • Mary E. Essien
    Mary E. Essien

    will be my friend

  • Kandee J
    Kandee J

    I agree :) I really don't see how anyone can call her fat - at least she's not anorexic, and stick-thin, she's not even chubby, she's voluptuous, her boobs and butt make her seem bigger than she actually is... come on, we don't want to make her bulimic, do we? This colour is STUNNING and well done Kim for trying to stand out and not go for the same old same old :) you took a risk with this dress!

  • Kandee J
    Kandee J

    * * * * * * *I-M-P-O-R-T-A-N-T * * * * * * * Why do you all need to criticize her for this dress? It is one OUTFIT out of the thousands she wears. If she likes it, she wore it. Obviously what your opinion is and what she "could have done" or what she "should have done" is not relevant because she wore it and she even got BEST DRESSED. There is a reason for that. If someone scrutinized you for each little thing, you would not like it.

  • mommy

    if you look closely you can see the spanx she is wearing to cover up the cottage cheese factory.

  • vasp

    He's gorgeous.

  • jessica young
    jessica young

    Not bad! Very pretty!

  • Rebecca Pierce
    Rebecca Pierce

    She's the little girl from True Grit :)

  • Riitch M Pattersen
    Riitch M Pattersen

    so i'm sure that she will very voluptuous...

  • Riitch M Pattersen
    Riitch M Pattersen

    her name say all,it KIM kARDARSHIANS i think her name mean always beautyful and stylish

  • naves


  • Ritch M Pattersen
    Ritch M Pattersen

    wow i love the color of her lips very cute pretty smile to

  • Riitch M pattersen
    Riitch M pattersen

    i don't know but i think that look great

  • eva

    She is always be my favorite grl, but can't comment more about what she wear.. picture need ti show from up to bottom..LOL


    wtf is up with the bottom of the dress? SHE LOOKS AMAZING!!!! STOP HATING!!!!

  • Jasmine

    Love your dress, You make the dress look good!

  • Loya Erma
    Loya Erma

    There was too much going on with that dress. Although, always beautiful!! less is more. You should of had your hair up, in an Updo ;-)

  • Mickal Boisette
    Mickal Boisette

    Natalie Portam...needs to be Oscarised for Aranofsky's Black Swan...Impressive!

  • Lisa
    Lisa look GORGEOUS from head to to....i LOVE the bottom of the's like a new trend to the old 80's prom trend and that's meant in a good fits you perfect and the color is can't go wrong in RED!!! LOVE IT DIVA!!!!

  • LULU

    i don't Like,I'm sorry. It's enaugh for your curves...!

  • aj

    Kim you look a lot like your mother. Please be yourself and don't try to mess with the beautiful features you have. You don't want to start looking like that scary cat lady with all the plastic surgery. The color of the dress is beautiful on u. The bottom part was unflattering. However your beauty superceded all

  • sunshine5678

    the dress is ugly . you could have rocked better with another dress honey