Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie at the 2011 Golden Globes (PHOTOS)

Hollywood's ultimate power couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, brought some serious glamour to the red carpet at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, January 16, 2011.

Angelina, 35, rocked a stunning emerald green Versace gown embroidered with tons of sparkling beads. Meanwhile, Brad, 47, looked handsome in a traditional black suit.

Angelina is up for a Globe for Best Actress in the Comedy/Musical film category.

What do you think of Brangie's red carpet look? Check out more photos and play fashion critic in the comments.



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  • Edna

    International Press voted for them, not the co-stars. They have separate job at SAG and they are members too. Humble and surprise for the nomination, but thankful. She concluded Johnny is funny in that movie. The news made that headline,not them,they are there to enjoy and celebrate with friends,not to be mocked by host. Fair and right to be treated,win or lost.

  • lasource

    Angelina the most boring self absorbed star. Dull. She is a woman who likes to take (Except a joke that is) her self too seriously. Can you believe she made an official complaint about Ricky Gervais's remarks about her wooden performance in the Tourist. He was spot on. She was terrible, worst film I have seen since Mr.& Mrs Smith.

  • sarah the number 1 fan of angelina jolie in the whole world
    sarah the number 1 fan of angelina jolie in the whole world

    angelina you are the most amazing,awesome,talented,beautiful,loving preson i had ever seenin my life god bless you angie you rock

  • marcy

    her hair at the end looks like the shape of a hand cupping her breast..nice ;)

  • Edna

    One lady reporter said,when this two arrived, people start screeming their names..all is excited to see them again in red carpet. .Very humble in her interviews,smart and refine. She and Brad are most adore,than anybody else. No wonder we all go crazy with this two beautiful,lovely,adorable,sweet couple..WOW!

  • Isabel Clark
    Isabel Clark

    super hot couples!!!

  • crystalhope

    Stunning! Out-of-this-world-gorgeous couple

  • dimarching

    yessss theY ARE royaLty in hollywood!!!!.......THE BEST LOOK THE BEST COUPLE... SO PERFECT...... LO MEJOR ESPECTACULARES, LOS ADORO!!!!!