Christina Aguilera at the 2011 Golden Globes (PHOTOS)

Christina Aguilera was a sheer delight at the Golden Globes in Beverly Hills on Sunday.

The Burlesque actress turned up on the red carpet at the Beverly Hilton wearing an eye-catching, flesh-baring number.

What do you think of C-Ag's Golden Globes look? Share with us in the comments section—after checking out the photo gallery.



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  • Caroline Augusto
    Caroline Augusto

    i can really do with this dress, it stunning and my style.

  • Caroline Augusto
    Caroline Augusto

    he boobs r not fitting in the dress properly.

  • Caroline Augusto
    Caroline Augusto

    omg, why the scars? did she have surgery?

  • Dee

    U can see the incisions from her breast implants under her armpits, lol.

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte


  • Stephanie

    ewww ew what with the scares?

  • Stephanie

    OMG she looks like my grandma. I'm a big fan of her but wtf with this weight?

  • Tearlach Uisnech Lugus
    Tearlach Uisnech Lugus

    Xtina is hot!!! Chris has an awesome personality as well as talent. Her vocal range is unmatched. Jealousy from others only shows that they wish to be like her. As for Gina (comment above), to call Xtina "white trash" shows that not only are you racist but ignorant as well. Xtina's father is Ecuadorian and her mother is of German, Irish, Welsh, and Dutch ancestry. All of which is really irrelevant. name calling is very immature. I wish Xtina all the best in love, and life!!! Chris is a very desirable, intelligent, independent, and sexy woman. Take it from a grown, mature man.

  • Lovely Tish
    Lovely Tish

    She did gain some weight. She looks a lil chubby. But it be iight.... Youu still look gorgeous...Andd all youu haterz stop hatein....If youu dnt like her then why in the hell youu looking at her pics and leaving comments. Jealousy wont get youu anywhere....Poor bitchess aint got no life.

  • Kitty Catt
    Kitty Catt

    she dont even look like xtina

  • Kitty Catt
    Kitty Catt

    FuCKin UGLY

  • Kitty Catt
    Kitty Catt

    she is getting fat anf ugly :( am a huge fan but we losin her she is a new Britny

  • Anna

    I dont thing its a tatoo, she got bruises under both arms. but thats ok, she looks really good. more women have to get away from the idea being skinny like a little girl

  • Kate Hand
    Kate Hand

    Wearing little lace pattern feel sexy, but using too much of lace pattern on a dress that feels out-dated.

  • Michele

    What's wrong with her armpits?!?!

  • jake

    shes put on alot of weight, can definitely tell looking back at older pics of her

  • Danielle

    damnnnn gina she FAT n got a bruise on her right arm i spot it.. She gettn beat up at home lol That's not a bruise idiot, it's a tattoo...and she's beeeeautiful.

  • Woodie

    Yes she is beefy. Still sexy though.

  • Fan De Christina Aguilera-peru
    Fan De Christina Aguilera-peru

    christina aguilera es la mejor. se ve super sexy. es la mas bella. y que la que mejor canta.

  • The truth
    The truth

    damnnnn gina she FAT n got a bruise on her right arm i spot it.. She gettn beat up at home lol You ignorant bitch. Cuban diva my ass you probably have a damn hair lip and a 5 o'clock shadow!! You searched her out just to make a comment then laughed about bruises and the possibility of abuse like its something funny. You pathetic skank!!

  • GetACLUE

    Chubby white trash.. How are you going to call someone white trash put your picture up because I guarentee you ain't as pretty as you seem to think and you are probably white trash and get it right moron she is only half white!!!

  • Right

    She looks great and she is not fat at all you losers do you see rolls hanging over. You must be a bunch of jealous lil girls because you still have your boy shaped bodies and guess what She could take your man.

  • Lisa

    So beautiful....

  • gina

    Chubby white trash..