Golden Globes: What’s for Dinner?

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Preparing a meal for for hundreds of celebrities and Hollywood VIPs is a daunting challenge. But for the Beverly Hilton Hotel’s  Executive Hotel Chef Suki Sugiura and Executive Pastry Chef Thomas Henzi, it’s just another day at the office.

So what tasty vittles do the chefs have in store for those attending the 68th Annual Golden Globes? Celebuzz got a sneak peek at the menu. Check out the tasty treats.

JANUARY 16, 2011

Presented by Beverly Hilton Executive Hotel Chef Suki Sugiura

Grilled Eggplant with Edamame and Red Pepper Hummus with Marinated Artichoke and Arugula

Combination Entrée
(California eco-friendly inspired from Central Valley)

Grilled Beef Tenderloin of Beef with Caramelized Fennel Marmalada and
Sauteed Mild Chili Sesame Crusted Filet of Pacific Sea Bass

Light Cream of Fine Herb Tumeric Lemon Grass Sauce
Black Risotto Parmesean
Young Bok Choy, Haricot Vert and Baby Carrot

Dessert Trio
Presented by Beverly Hilton Executive Pastry Chef Thomas Henzi

California Almond Cake
Chocolate Royaltine Crunch Triangle
Fresh Berry Tart
Raspberry Coulis, Orange & Vanilla Chantilly Crème with Chocolate Butterfly Silhouette

Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne

And no celebration — awards show or otherwise — would be complete without a little bubbly. Make that a LOT of bubbly — last over 500 magnums of Moët & Chandon were seved along with mini flutes. That totals over 9000 glasses of champagne sipped by Tinseltown’s elite! And to celebrate their 20th year with the Golden Globes, Moët & Chandon debuted a limited edition Gold Award Season Imperial Bottle that’s available for us regular people tp purchase for just $39. Fancy!

Not only does Moët & Chandon provide the booze, they have, for the second year in a row, sponsored a charity initiative called Toast for a Cause. Throughout the evening, nominees are invited to raise a toast to their favorite charity at the Red Carpet Moët & Chandon Bar. When they toast, their charity of choice will receive a $1,000 donation. Additionally, every 20th nominee’s toast will be met with an extra $5,000 donation.

“After last year’s successful launch of our charitable initiative, Toast for a Cause, we are delighted to return for a second time and to begin a red carpet tradition,” Anne DiGiovanna, the president of Moët & Chandon USA said in a statement. “Toast for a Cause is a wonderful, celebratory way for Moët & Chandon to support the charities and causes important to Hollywood.”

Does the Golden Globes menu look yummy to you? Tell us what you think in the comments section.