Carrie Underwood: Singer Turned Housewife

Ever wonder what it is like to be a country singer married to a professional hockey player? Carrie Underwood, who is still in the honeymoon stage of her marriage with Ottawa Senators player Mike Fisher, has the inside scoop.

Underwood spoke to People Sunday night at the Golden Globe Awards, where she was nominated for Best Song,  about married life and what she does while her husband is on the road.

With Fisher is constantly traveling, Underwood dabs into her domestic responsibilities and turns into the ultimate housewife:

I cleaned, and we are moving into a new house, and so I was unpacking all of his stuff…And laundry and dishes.

Although this isn’t her ideal image of a newlywed couple, she loves being married and knows he is always backing her up, regardless of how many miles apart they are:

I know [he] is 1,000 percent cheering me on, it’s really nice to have that kind of support.

How would you handle being newly married and one person always traveling? Comment Below.