Helena Bonham Carter’s Wildest Looks (PHOTOS)

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Helena Bonham Carter’s Golden Globes get-up was the talk of the red carpet. Unfortunately, it was more shock value than high fashion that had eyes on her, as she continued her reputation for just plain wearing whatever the heck she wants.

Last night’s mismatched outfit was just one of a long string of fashion curiosities that the gorgeous and talented British actress has pulled off throughout the years. Generally, they involve a lot of fabric, sometimes boots, tophats … you name it. One thing’s for sure: She’s never boring.

So, let’s take a look at some of HBC’s most daring outfits through the years, be it on the red carpet or on the streets. Then, to keep the Globes fun alive, check out this Who Was Hotter gallery at BuzzNet!