Will Ricky Gervais Host Next Year’s Golden Globes?

Forget about unwelcome guest at last night’s Golden Globes Awards—Ricky Gervais might have turned out to be an unwelcome host at Sunday’s ceremonies.

A member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA)—which holds the Golden Globes—tells PopEater’s Rob Shuter that Gervais has blown any chance of hosting the awards show ever again—and he can kiss any chance of being nominated for a Globe in the future. The insider spills,

“Ricky will not be invited back to host the show next year, for sure. For sure any movie he makes he can forget about getting nominated. He humiliated the organization last night and went too far with several celebrities whose representatives have already called to complain.”

The British funny-man took humorous pot-shots at several stars last night—including Charlie Sheen, Angelina Jolie, Robert Downey Jr. and a veiled seeming jab at Tom Cruise—but what might have really gotten Gervais in hot water on Sunday night, PopEater notes, is the dig he took at current HFPA head Philip Berk. As Desperate Housewives beauty Eva Longoria prepared to introduce Berk, Gervais cracked,

“Next up, Eva Longoria has the daunting task of introducing the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press. That’s nothing; I just had to help him off the toilet and put his teeth in.”

As the show wore on many Golden Globes viewers took note of Gervais’ prolonged absence during the latter half of the show, giving rise to speculation that he’d been pulled immediately from the live broadcast. Though the host’s eventual return proved that rumor to be untrue, another source for the awards show makes it clear that Gervais tales his way out of a future gig last night:

“Ricky blew it big time. It’s one thing to make fun of celebrities but it’s another to make them totally uncomfortable. People in that room were furious but had to sit and smile because the camera’s were on them. It really says something when several people who attended said they would have felt safer with Kathy Griffin hosting.”

Did Gervais go too far, or does the HFPA need to lighten up? Share your thoughts in the comments section—after refreshing your memory with a video of his most biting hits below: