Ashley Greene Has a New Man in Her Life

Ashley Greene has been teasing her followers these past two days on her Twitter account about a new gift she received and finally tweeted what exactly this exciting news is: A new puppy!

His name is Theodore, he has black and white hair, and is a little on the smaller side. Could it be a gift from boyfriend Joe Jonas? Ashley tweeted:

So the really adorable present…Was for Marlo :) a playmate…His name is Theodore :) and Marlo loves him

Theodore is Greene’s new Toy Fox Terrier and the perfect friend her her dog, Marlo, who is also a Toy Fox Terrier. Greene also tweeted a picture of the two most important men in her life and they seem to be getting along just great.

It’s unclear who exactly gave her this latest gift, but if you had to guess, who would you say? Let us know below.