Miranda Kerr Reveals Baby Photos and Baby Name

Miranda Kerr Reveals Baby Photo and Baby Name-photo
Miranda Kerr might have been coy about revealing her pregnancy—but now that she's given birth, the supermodel is acting every bit the proud mother.

Kerr—who welcomed the bundle of joy with husband Orlando Bloom earlier this month—took to her personal blog on Tuesday to share an intimate pic with the new arrival, and to reveal the baby's name. Kerr wrote,

"On the 6th of January I gave birth to our beautiful little son Flynn. We cherish him. He weighed 9lb 12 ounces (a very healthy and big baby boy). I gave birth to him naturally; without any pain medication and it was a long, arduous and difficult labour, but Orlando was with me the whole time supporting and guiding me through it.  I could not have done it without him.

"We are so happy and are enjoying our time together as a family.  He is our little ray of sunshine.

"Thank you everyone for your beautiful well wishes and your lovely thoughts and comments.

"I haven’t had a lot of time to read many comments or to respond, but please know I will when I get a chance.

The attached picture is one that Orlando took of us."

What do you think of the photo-and the baby name? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • mayra

    this is a beautiful photo she is flawless i swear! its not a bad picture not looking for publicity yall just dont have anything better to do with yalls lives so yall just hate on the ones who have an amazing life and are happy.

  • alessa

    I only see her boob not her the baby's face. why would she want to show off her breast? she already does that for a living

  • Angelina

    She's beautiful (and I love that lipstick on her) but, you people are NAIVE. I have 2 young kids and of the hundreds of pictures, not one person was shown a picture of me breastfeeding. It would be weird and odd to show people a posed picture of my breast when all they want to see is the newborn baby's FACE. Celebs sell their images even when they are not getting immediate $$ for it. It will pay off later. It's PR 101, people. College? Or is everyone here still in Grade School? I certainly do not find breastfeeding weird. It is natural. In my family the mom breastfeeds her kids in the living room with the family. It's not a big deal. Just the way life is. No one stares at the breasts cause in our family a breast is just at part of the body and it is all ok.

  • gain

    I'd give my left nut to trade places with the baby in that picture! I'm sure you would. goes to prove the point that this is exactly what this pic is selling don't kid your selves everyone what's the first thing that grabs your attention when you look at this pic its not the baby comments/thoughts like the one above prove exactly why this pic is tacky tasteless cheap used to gain gain publicity & attention, very thoughtless terrible way to exploit your new born

  • yowza

    I'd give my left nut to trade places with the baby in that picture!

  • goober

    beautiful please whats beautiful about a kid sucking your tits and worst of all making it public for everyone to see. this should be something private nothing to broad cast. of all the angles to take a shot of a if it so claimed an adoring mother and child/ family u decide to show them sucking your breasts have some decency now this is pathetic cheap and so tacky would never use my kid in this fashion just sayin

  • lovesbabies

    Beautiful baby. Like the name. I hope they don't hyphen the last names. Kerr-Bloom. Say that 10x fast. Although kinda cute.

  • S

    Gorgeous photo! They both look so sweet and you can see the happiness. I have nursing photos of my son and they are some of my most treasured ones.

  • theledger