Will Breaking Dawn’s Renesmee Get the ‘Avatar’ Treatment?

Don’t be surprised if Edward Cullen and Bella Swan’s daughter Renesmee is a little blue in the face when she hits the big screen in Breaking Dawn.

Special-effects wizard John Bruno—who served as visual effects supervisor for Avatar—has been recruited to fill the same role in the upcoming Twilight finale Breaking Dawn. And according to news sources devoted to Mackenzie Foy—the 10-year-old actress who’ll play Renesmee in the two-part finale—Bruno has been brought aboard to fulfill a very specific task—to oversee the rapid aging of the Twilight spawn.

According to Mackenzie Foy.com, Bruno was “recruited to work on the aging process in Breaking Dawn to rapidly age Renesmee’s, Mackenzie’s character’s, growth.”

In Breaking Dawn, Renesmee Cullen experiences rapid growth both physically and mentally,  reaching physical maturity after seven years.

Given Bruno’s résumé, perhaps Renesmee will be presented as a human/vampire/Na’vi hybrid? There could be an opportunity for massive cross-promotion here, given that Avatar director James Cameron is already working on not one, but two Avatar sequels.

The first installment of Breaking Dawn, meanwhile, is currently filming and will hit theaters on November 18, 2011. Do you think it will benefit from a little bit of Avatar blood? Sound off in the comments section.