Ashley Greene in 'Skateland' Trailer (VIDEO)

Ashley Greene in 'Skateland' Trailer (VIDEO)-photo
Ashley Greene is really on a roll these days. At least, she is in her latest movie.

The trailer for the Twilight beauty's upcoming film Skateland has been released, showing the 23-year-old actress in a different milieu than her usual vampy environs.

Set in 1980s small-town Texas, the film chronicles a group of teens as they hang out at a roller rink and struggle to come to grips with their impending adulthood amid an unexpected tragedy.

Skateland hits theaters on March 25. Will you be checking out? Let us know in the comments section after watching the trailer below.



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  • sophie1986

    The movie appears to be a Dazed and Confused knockoff, albeit with less baseball and paddling and more roller skating and hanging your nuts out a window. So... yeah. I have no idea if this movie will be good. I don't even know if Ashley Greene is a good actress. As far as I can tell, all she's done is the Twilight movies, a body paint photoshoot for SeBe and prance around Beverly Hills in yoga pants and sunglasses in front of the paparazzi. But if there's one lesson I want to instill in all of you during my brief tenure as a fill-in here, it's that pretty people deserve things they haven't earned and ugly people should wear masks and stay inside to write blog posts until their organs are needed to ensure no attractive person ever dies. As you can see, I'm already doing my part.

  • barblicious

    that does not liik good at all.. i do not see any structure

  • crappymovie

    that looks horrible!! Seriously like there trying to do a dazed and confused thing but in the 80s, but that movie looks really bad.

  • childie

    well tht looks crap

  • casuetl

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