Kim Kardashian Speaks Out Against Teen Pregnancy

Kim Kardashian Speaks Out Against Teen Pregnancy-photo
Kim Kardashian has taken to her blog to speak out and educate her fans about the difficult reality of teen pregnancy.

After seeing a story about a Tennessee high school where 90 students were either pregnant or had given birth in the past year, Kim was so moved she took to her blog to address her young fans:

It seems that shows like Teen Mom are all of a sudden making teen pregnancy seem cool in the eyes of young girls. The kids from these shows are all over the news, even on the covers of magazines, and have been become almost like celebrities, but girls, these are not people you should idolize! When I think back to when I was 16, there is no way I would even have considered having a baby. That thought wouldn’t even have entered my head. Having a baby is one one of the biggest, and most life-changing decisions a person can make and while I’m not saying that no teen is in the position to raise a child, having a baby so young shouldn’t be seen as the trendy thing to do.
Kim implores her fans to "think very carefully" before making the choice to be sexually active, adding "talk to your family, friends, teachers, and most of all, be careful."

For resources and information about teen pregnancy and how to prevent it, check out

And for pics of Auntie Kim celebrating nephew Mason's first birthday, check out the adorable gallery!



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  • Tiara

    i agree with kim completely... i was a teen mom and still am a young mother. i feel like a lot of teen girls think its the NEW thing to do. i see on with the girls on the news feed encouraging other girls to get pregnant and how amazing being a mother is. but most girls who are 17 and younger are STILL being supported by their own families so those families are supporting not only THEIR CHILD but their CHILDRENS Child. i love my daughter and i do not regret her. but if i could stop one girl from making a decision that could change her life im willing too. its not all cute outfits and super cute diaper bags. its about financially supporting their child. Love is only a LIL aspect of having a child anybody can love a child but what happens when you cant afford diapers you cant afford formula. what happens if the baby daddy decides not to be in the picture and refuses to pay child support. im a 20 year old single mother. in a very hard situation. i will never say a child is a mistake i wish i had someone like myself to tell me the good the bad and the ugly tho.. i was influenced by media i was influenced by my boyfriend at the time. i thought i could be super mom. but im living paycheck to paycheck BARELy without the support from her father he is no where in her life.. i wish others would look at this and realized having a child is the most difficult thing to do when your just becoming an adolescent. i dont think kim is a bad person i dont think she is tryin to bash teen mothers. shes a realist. im a realist and im not a hypocrite im not going to encourgage other girls to get pregnant. i could talk for days about this topic.

  • Collegegirl_13

    i definatly have something to say about this...i enjoy watching the kardashians its a hip young and fresh show....but HONESTLY kim k you have NOOOOOOOO room slandering these teen mom names i am a college student and watching this show definatly does NOT i repeat NOT make me want to have a baby as well as i feel it is a parents job to raise a child not a show so parents should help kids make the right well as kim if this show makes teens want to become pregnant and be celebrities you as an individual make young girls want to go and get silicon shots find the next singer make a sex video tape and let it leak out and become famous.....and dont get me wrong you are now a succesful buisness woman but you did NOT start out that please spare us all and leave those girls alone...period....YOU CANNOT THROW STONES AT OTHERS WHEN YOU LIVE IN A GLASS HOUSE.....

  • Suzie

    I just watched an episode of her show. She got so drunk she was falling all over the place while one of her sisters dry humped her on the floor. She glorifies filth as being fashionable. She is way underqualified to be making such a statement. She should clean up her own show and lifestyle if she wants to say things like this. Hypocrite.

  • auntbilly

    OMG! again the sex video, please noboby is perfect ! She can speak about whatever she wants Hello! we are doing the same we are talking about her AGAIN! LOL!


    Kim is a dumbass for speaking out on this. Its the good girls that get prego cus they arent prepared to go around opening their legs. Im a teen mom.. and the show helps teens realize that teen pregnancy is important to know about so you can see how hard it is to become a teen mom .. not dumbass celebs that get famouse for sex tapes!! Teen mom is a real issue that people face everyday.. more important than what shoe to wear or how big your ass is.. come on... And kim is flaunting around being recognized for having a fake reality show about nonsense. lets see her try to be a mom.. and then preach your opinion..

  • lame

    Unbelievable. Why does the media let his hypocrite get away with the Marsha Brady image???? She and her sisters had sex at a very young age,solicit sex tapes,secretly married when in her teens, poses nude for playboy and W and constantly tweets provocative pictures of herself all over the net. She is a fraud and there is not one interviewer who will point this fact out in interviews! Disgusting Pig.

  • Ariana Marie
    Ariana Marie

    she has a lot of nerve...why didn't she discuss something like this when the shows first came out? ridiculous

  • spikkel

    I am very sorry but Kim is right. A teen mom is nothing to look up to. Yes we all are / were young and done stuff that we are not proud of, but we didn't get pregnant? You would have dare actually. Kids these days wants to be grown ups and then they can't handle it. That is why they are called kids / teens.

  • leap

    ok so why do you promote nothing but sex yourself such a hypocrite. does not use her brains but her body instead no talent to offer. should not be condemming a show re: pregnancy instead look at your self Kim & what you've promoted thus far - numerous nude photo graphs, sex video tapes look at yourself before you speak u have no to judge and speak about pregnancy/sex when you actions and the very thing you endorse is none other than sex. our teenagers are watching you they follow you unfortunately. u may be beautiful try using your brains not your body and do something good.

  • Brittanee

    Does Kim think those girls were thinking about getting pregnant? I read online that Kim lost her virginity at 14 she could've been one of those teen moms. I think Kim is more qualified to speak on sex tapes playboy(posing nude) being a groupie/media whore oh and plastic surgery queen. I mean come on your have a totally different face most of your body parts are fake. I hope Kim doesn't think she is a great role model, she has no talent or REAL assets. Kim next time talk about having kids out of wedlock at least your family knows a lot on that subject.