Miguel Is ‘Giving People a Run for Their Money’

Miguel is not your typical R&B singer/songwriter. In fact, to categorize the Grammy-nominated artist at all would be an insult to his futuristic genre-traversing sound. Music’s fresh-faced new kid on the block is quickly amassing the fame he has always dreamt of, but he is far from an overnight success. The 24-year-old crooner recently chatted with Celebuzz about managing his newfound stardom, his creative process and how he has managed to stay grounded.

After years of struggling to breakthrough in the music industry, the L.A. native jumpstarted his career penning tracks for Usher, Mary J. Blige and Asher Roth. Miguel’s debut single “All I Want Is You” featuring rap’s top-ranking rookie, J Cole, cemented his position as music’s next big thing–the hypnotic track cracked the Top 10 Billboard R&B charts. Miguel released his album, a crash collision of R&B, funk, soul and electropop also titled All I Want Is You, in November 2010.

Miguel’s sound is characteristically indefinable yet familiar, a fact Miguel asserts is a result of his creative process.

“I think the most important thing about being creative is being vulnerable, being able to find a way to be honest despite all of the other bulls— that’s happening around you,” says Miguel. “My creative process revolves around being versatile.”

Miguel went from relative obscurity to making MTV’s Artists to Watch in 2011 alongside Wiz Khalifa, Warpaint and Tinie Tempah, an honor Miguel has used to propel his future aspirations.

“There are so many dope artists and bands in there,” says Miguel. “I’m definitely honored and determined to make sure that I live up to being a part of that list. I intend on giving people a run for their money and a reason to watch us.”

Miguel started in the industry at age 13. Still young, he has managed to rack up an explosive hit single and tour gigs opening up for Mary J. Blige and Jazmine Sullivan, along with Usher and Trey Songz. He admits that adjusting to his newfound fame has been a fairly easy transition.

“It’s been such a gradual progression,” says Miguel. “It hasn’t been a night and day thing, so it’s been really easy to get acclimated. As it builds, I feel like I will be well-prepared. I’m kind of getting used to it as it comes.”

In the entertainment world where ego is king (see Kanye West), Miguel admits that the key to his success is staying grounded:

“I think we’re all guilty by association. The more grounded and honest people you stay around, the more likely you are going to be grounded and honest. I really pride myself on the people that I consider my friends and who are a part of my team. If it’s for friendship or for business I think it’s very important that we pay attention to the company that we keep. I think that all lends itself to keeping me grounded.”

Equal parts inspired and irreverent, Miguel knows who he is and makes no apologies about the music he creates.

“The most important lesson I’ve learned thus far is that you have to really stick to your guns. Deciding for yourself who you are and what you represent and not allowing yourself to compromise despite the status quo or the expectations be it from society, be it from your friends, be it from people you want to impress, be it business. It’s really about deciding who you are and taking a stand for what you represent.”

Miguel can next be seen on the All I Want Is You Tour, which kicks off in February. The singer hand-picked intimate venues in major cities around the country in hopes to connect with fans.

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