Taylor Momsen: ‘I’m a Legal Adult’

Been worried that resident Gossip Girl wild-child and Pretty Reckless rocker Taylor Momsen sometimes acts and dresses too mature for her age? Don’t worry—while Momsen might, technically, be only 17 years old, she’s full-grown in the eyes of the law.

Momsen, who turns 18 on July 23, tells Kerrang magazine (via Ocean Up) that, thanks to her accelerated education and a quirk in the New York legal code, she’s considered all grown up. Asked if her parents are required to go on tour with her because of her young age, Momsen replied,

“No, I’m a legal adult. Whatever that means! (Laughs) I graduated high school two years early, so I’m responsible for myself under some weird New York state law.”

It’s nice to know that Momsen is buying all of those cigarettes legally—even if her lungs aren’t biologically adult.

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