‘American Idol’ Premieres to Biggest Ratings Drop

Season 10 of American Idol premiered on Tuesday night, with new talent, new judges — and new, but not great, ratings.

Taking the night’s highest ratings in its timeslot, the popular show earned 26.1 million viewers. That, however, compared to other Idol seasons, was it’s biggest ratings drop between seasons. It appears that viewers were hesitant to tune in to watch a Simonless Idol, but were pleasantly surprised by the new judges, established artists Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

Tyler brought a great mix of heart and craziness to the judges’ table. If he keeps it up, he will definitely become a viewer favorite. Lopez brought sweetness and performance knowledge, reminiscent of original judge Paula Abdul, and returning judge Randy Jackson showed up energized and ready for a new season. As the performance phase of Season 10 approaches, these judges will surely draw in more viewers.

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