Demi Lovato vs. Jasmine V: Who Is Better for Trey Songz?

Both Jasmine V and Demi Lovato have expressed their love for R&B sensation Trey Songz but which teen star is right for the handsome young entertainer? Celebuzz breaks down the romanceability each aspiring diva.

How Deep Is Her Love For Trey?

Demi told Celebuzz back in September that she thinks that the 26-year-old singer is “pretty hot” but said that there was nothing romantic going on between the two hit-makers.

“We followed each other on Twitter and direct message each other,” Demi said, “he’s pretty awesome.”

Likelihood That They’ll Make a Good Match: Both singers are super-talented and now that Demi is 18 their love can be legal. But does Trey feel the same way about Demi?

Demi Lovato

Jasmine V

How Deep Is Her Love For Trey? Jasmine admitted to Latina magazine that she had a crush on “beautiful” Trey but she also mentioned under the same breath that she finds Taylor Lautner attractive. Looks like Trey isn’t the only guy in Jasmine’s eyeline!

Likelihood That They’ll Make a Good Match:

Jasmine’s age (17) will be a big roadblock on the path to romance for these two. The young singer also has her eye on many other men (TLaut and Justin Bieber) so she is probably more interested in keeping her options open.

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