Exclusive: Jason Derulo’s ‘Power Balance’ Bloopers (VIDEO)

Celebrities aren’t as perfect as you think. They mess up at work here and there just like we all do … only their bloopers tend to be caught on tape. Thankfully, R&B star Jason Derulo is grounded enough to share his slip-ups from a taping of Power Balance’s ‘Double Take’ series exclusively with Celebuzz.

The series, produced by Converge, features a celebrity interviewing themselves, acting along as if they’re talking to someone. Naturally, that can lead to some mishaps. Still, at least the questions are coming from Derulo himself, as Derulo tells us that sometimes he gets some pretty random questions thrown at him.

“Sometimes someone might get a little too personal, there are some things you don’t want the world to know, some things should remain private,” he tells Celebuzz.

Watch the exclusive outtakes video below:

Aside from some privacy invasion, there are also some questions that might seem totally harmless that catch him off guard.

“I was once asked what my favorite number was. I thought that was a little odd, a little childish, maybe because I’m not superstitious or anything like that,” Derulo says.

See Jason’s full ‘Double Take’ video at the Power Balance website!

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