Expert: How Pregnant Vegan Celebs Stay Healthy (Plus Giveaway!)

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Being a vegan sounds hard enough, but when you add being pregnant to the mix, the whole lifestyle sounds a lot more difficult to maintain. What do famous meat-abstaining pregnant celebs like Natalie Portman and Alicia Silverstone eat in order to keep their babies (and themselves) healthy? Terry Walters, the author of the vegan cook book Clean Start (buy it here!) and the lady who counts Lea Michele and Katy Perry amongst her food fans, talks to Celebuzz about vegan celebs and how we can all learn a thing or two from these healthy non-meat eating beauties. (Also, we’re giving away books … more details below!)

What do/should pregnant vegans eat to stay healthy?

Since calcium is important for expecting mothers, Terry suggests that pregnant vegans eat lots of dark leafy greens which are rich in calcium. “[Dark leafy greens] might not have as much calcium or minerals as a glass of milk,” says Terry, “But we are better able to access more minerals” when people don’t consume processed animal-byproducts. Sounds like Natalie better stock up on her spinach and kale!

Terry also notes that pregnant vegans need to eat lots of whole grains (for folic acid) and legumes (for protein).

“[Vegan celebrities] find that following a vegan diet is cleaner for them and can reduce a lot of risks,” notes Terry. “The best source of vitamins and minerals are from plants.”

What attracts celebrities to the “Clean Start” method?

“We’ve been lucky because there have been a handful of celebs who have embraced [the “Clean Start” method],” says Terry. “Life is really demanding and we always want to ‘go go’ and look our best and this really allows us to do everything that we want to do.”

Celebrities who are fans of Terry’s recipes include Lea Michele, Katy Perry, Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba.

What is the “Clean Start” method?

“Eating clean is really about eating foods that are minimally processed so we can benefit from their nutrients,” says Terry.

Terry says she wanted to create a book that focused on “nutritional heavy-hitters,” like plant-based foods which most of us tend to leave out of our diets. However, Terry notes that she wanted to make her all vegan recipes delicious because “if it’s not delicious people won’t want to eat it.”

Don’t be turned off by the vegan label. Terry notes that while all of her recipes are vegan, she is mostly concerned with showing people that they don’t have to eat processed foods to stay healthy.

“If it’s not in a package then you already know that you are close to the source,” Terry notes. “A head of broccoli is a head of broccoli. The more steps it takes from the source to the package then the more nutritional value we lose.”

What can celebs and non-celebs (i.e., the rest of us!) get out of the “Clean Start” method?

Terry notes that processed foods make is harder for our bodies to work. “The more artificial ingredients we add, the less likely we are to access the nutritional value.”

What happens when we lose the nutritional value of out food? Inflammation, toxicity and disease are just some of the many side effects of eating bad food.

Terry also notes that many people will use the Clean Start method as a weight loss method or to use as a cleanse. Either way, factoring in a few of Terry’s recipes are sure to benefit everyone, not just the famous faces we see strutting down the red carpet.

By eating clean, Terry notes, the more efficiently our bodies operate.

“We feel great, we look great and we have more energy.”

Find out more about Terry Walters by visiting her website, Don’t forget to check out her book, Clean Start.

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