Rihanna Rocks Curly New Hairdo (PHOTOS)

Can you guess the superstar under this giant red afro? It's none other than flame-haired entertainer Rihanna!

RiRi was spotted rocking a seriously curly new 'do when she arrived at the Las Palmas nightclub in Hollywood on Wednesday, January 19.

What do you think of Rihanna's new look? Check out more photos and share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • Rihanna hair
    Rihanna hair

    I really want to say that Rihanna was one of the best pop singer. I really love her also a great fan. Thanks for this share.

  • leena

    a hot one at tht...im done

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    laser hair removal side effects melbourne

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  • Jay(Nigeria)

    This hair-door is awful.........

  • haiv weave
    haiv weave

    rhinna looks good with any hair due

  • Hairweave

    Omg , her hair is so huge that her bodyguard's finger is caught in it!

  • ashley

    ewww wheres her eyes??? if u dig in that wig u can problly find paris hiltons dog in there! that things as big as kim kardashians ass!

  • Laady Maddy Møss
    Laady Maddy Møss

    #ahah she look like a LION !!!

  • paul

    she looks like side show bob wtf mop head lol not feeling she is having a melt down poor child her hair stylist should be smack for this.

  • Jenny

    she looks like Sideshow Bob! hahaha That is funny as hell and soo very true!

  • sheryl1996

    as much as i love her.... what was she thinking???

  • visha

    nice hair huh.......... cool keep it up...

  • Hope85

    Lol... she looks like Sideshow Bob!