Selena Gomez Topless Photos Are Fake, Says Rep

An alleged topless photo of Selena Gomez was heating up the internet earlier this week but the singer’s rep has come out to slam the photo as fake and announce that Selena’s family is prepared to take legal action against the pervvy photoshopper.

Selena’s rep tells GossipCop that the topless photo in question is fake.

“Selena’s family is pursuing all available remedies to deal with the offender,” the rep tells the website. Some courses of action that the family may consider include issuing a Cease and Desist letter to the seller.

Earlier this week HollyScoop revealed that an unnamed source was trying to sell them topless photos of a woman they claimed was the 18-year-old Selena. The gossip blog said that they passed on the photos because they couldn’t determine if the singer was 18 at the time when the (fake) photos were taken.

Selena isn’t the only star who has been forced to deal with the headache of fake nude photos: Emma Watson recently won legal action against a young English man who photoshopped her head onto a photo of a nude woman and posted the photo around the internet.

Selena’s pal Miley Cyrus was also at the center of a fake nude controversy when blogger Perez Hilton tweeted a photo of Miley that had been photoshopped to look like she wasn’t wearing underpants. The photos were quickly proven to be fake.

Selena has recently been the target of a string of nasty incidents with computer-savvy deviants. Last week Selena’s Facebook and Twitter account were hacked by an unknown prankster who said that he or she hacked Selena’s account on a dare.

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