Kat Von D Shows Off Engagement Ring

Kat Von D Shows Off Engagement Ring-photo
Newly engaged reality star Kat Von D showed off her blingtastic new engagement ring when she attended the Art of Elysium "Heaven" gala in Los Angeles earlier this week with fiance Jesse James.

Kat, 28, reportedly had the ring specially made by jeweler-to-the-stars, Neil Lane. The ring is described at a four-carat-plus platinum and diamond ring from Neil's archival collection.

"It’s a beautiful ring set with a central round diamond in the middle with smaller surrounding diamonds for an overall dome shape," Neil told People. "It has a delicate filigree pattern with very pretty scroll-work.”

Jesse and Kat announced their engagement on Thursday, January 20. The pair started dating in the summer of 2010, shortly after Jesse divorced Sandra Bullock following a massive cheating scandal.

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  • BoWeefuZ

    They deserve each other! Muahahahahahaha! He looks like he could be her grandfather! LOL I wonder what her plans are once she's no longer a pretty face... Those tattoos are gonna' suck after age 35.

  • sandrabullocklover

    Jesse James doesn't deserve Sandra. So good for him, he found someone willing to sink to his level.

  • Katie

    I feel so sorry for Sanrda Bullock. She is so beautiful and talented and so kind, and he left her for Kat Von D? I just pray that Sandra gets a new love, someone who is better than Jesse James.

  • bikinigirl

    First of all Jesse is cheating and trying desperately to cheat on Kat VD with girls way out of his league. This I know for a fact! Second of all, she completely ruined that Herve Leger dress, ruined it with her sleezy disposition and crazy tattoos!!! Jesse found himself a girl with low enough self esteem to mark up her body and let him cry on her shoulder. boo hoo, give me a break! when he got caught he needed a good kick into rehab. Trust me Jesse is as usual full of sh*t no better off and still cheating. why would that just change?

  • Kath

    I am sooh glad NO ONE is happy that a hoe and a bloe-hole are announcing their 'fidelity' plans..ha ha marriage is a joke to both of them. I adore Sandra Bullock, have always thought she was the coolest, most caring actress, too classy to get into the media- a generous and loving soul who gives to others, not a cheating lying, run and marry a tatto bimbo..No Sandra is sooh too good for this bimbo and his baby bimbo- a child for his little, um, ego... These two fruitcakes are desperate, they need attention.. but nothing interesting here.. They need to GO- to the Jersey Shore.. where all de hoes goes..

  • Fab Dave
    Fab Dave

    She's a Freak.. He's a Freak!!!!!!!!!!!! The Tatoos on that Skank .... PUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT SEXY BUT TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & He's THE BIGGEST LOOOOOOOOOOOOOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY BOTH DESERVE EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lj

    nice makeup

  • anon

    Sleaze and sleaze-er