Kim Richards: Rehab After 'RHOBH' Fight (VIDEO)

Kim Richards: Rehab After 'RHOBH' Fight (VIDEO)-photo
The drama was in full force on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week, and a blowout inside a limousine between sisters Kyle and Kim Richards eventually led to Kim checking herself into rehab.

As the two argued in a limo, Kyle tore into Kim about her alleged alcoholism, yelling: "You are a liar ... you are an alcoholic! Yeah, that's right. I've said it now and everybody knows."

The heated exchange came after weeks of tension on the show between the two, who are half-sisters with Kathy Hilton. By the end of the show, her family had checked her into rehab for treatment, which Kim left a week later.

Watch the video below:



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  • reality

    right kim my*** even doe she dont stand up for her self

  • fox

    Why the hell does kyle think she; has been thru so much. And then says she won't tell about it. I've been thru years and years of horrible things but I don't try to get this kind of sympathy. Leave the past alone and stop trying to murder your sister. Every one has a person in their family that is this or that and my oh my o myo. While she lavishes herselve in riches and mansions and all this hyperbole. The rest of us either builds a better character for them selves. Whining constantly kyle thinks she is god to kim and in reality is nothing but a big mouthed shrew. I don't' even feel a tiny bit of sympathy for kyle. On the other hand she should leave kim alone and try to be a better person other than that screaming shouts to her sister. If she resents kim as a burdon just sit back and leave her alone. I thought you were going to kill kim and whats with the WHAT ARE YOU DOING? OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Its obviously you who is she is trying to get away from. I thought kyle was going to t ear kims face off. How horrible is that?