Stars Celebuzz Wants to Hug (PHOTOS)

In case you haven't already penciled it in on your calendar, Friday Jan. 21 is National Hug Day. Now that's a way to end the week!

So, given the good-spirited nature of the day, the staff at Celebuzz put our collective thinking caps on and we each chose two celebrities who we'd just love to get a good hug with. The reasons vary from sheer adorableness to cost-efficiency, so take your time to check out the reasoning in the captions.

Enjoy the goodness of our Stars Celebuzz Wants to Hug gallery, and then let us know in the comments who you'd like to get a good squeeze with!



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  • idgaf

    look at kim's hands, they look like an old lady's hands!!! btw JB looks cute like always.

  • Tyler

    really jb is soooo gay GAY JB IS A GIRL He is better than u in any way,bitch

  • WTF

    really jb is soooo gay GAY JB IS A GIRL His a boy. You say he is a girl and hes gay?? than u must be a boy and lesbian. Dose it make any sense?

  • Cornelia

    I would def hug Bieber he is sooo... u now

  • Kendall

    really jb is soooo gay GAY JB IS A GIRL STFU lesbianwhore u ar gay ur hole family is gay

  • Tobias

    He is gay he cant act at all

  • LILY

    really jb is soooo gay GAY JB IS A GIRL

  • chris

    I want to hug him for so many reasons.

  • hanah

    Its Nicole from Jersey Shore!

  • tina

    Awww sooo adorable

  • trey

    I would like to hug them both

  • Name

    Ewww I wouldnt hug her at all she is soo grows and strang, and that dress is soo creppy

  • Demi and Selena
    Demi and Selena

    love them both

  • Shit

    I dont wanna hug a weed smoker hes wird and ugly

  • Smile

    Only 32% ?

  • hayley

    great, no kristen stewart in the whole thing. and anne hathaway, selena gomez, tina fey, etc? you guys are just a bunch of BORES. sorry, but its true!!! ugh this is why no one comes on here- youre celeb faves are blatantly obvious and completely UNINTERESTING.

  • Jazz

    It might be because she treats relationships like she never graduated from High School. She doesn't need a hug. She needs a therapist.

  • watevs

    i wouldnt want to hug her in that dress