The Week in Buzz: Celebrity News Roundup for the Unfortunately Busy (PHOTOS)

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  • Bree Skeirik
    Bree Skeirik

    Im the real Hannah Montana

  • SinSinx3

    .....doseon't matter, i don't want to comment anymore.Robert Pattinson, if your a womanizer, admit it. DO YOU KNOW Kristen Stewart WORK SO HARD SUFFERING FOR BEING A ACTRESS???!!! YOU CANNOT APPRECIATE ONE AH? -.- I LOOK AT THIS PIC, FEEL LIKE WANNA KILL THE GIRL THAT YOU KISSED YOU KNOW. I DISLIKE YOU NOW, I WILL GO ON Kristen's SIDE, SO BYE!! WOMANIZER ==

  • SinSinx3

    Wat The Fark!!!!! -.- ROBERT PATTINSON!!!! =....=!!!!!

  • brianna

    cant wait for the movie they both look good love rob

  • lala

    Please, shut the f$ck up! No one wants to "hear" that. ENOUGH already! I am sure you've done some pretty bad things in your life, just fortunately for you no one ever found out or you just weren't important enough for people to actually care. The guy has suffered, done his time both literally and figuratively and he's trying to get on with his life. If the person he hurt can forgive him and move on with her life then damn, you should do the same with yours. I agree wit yu completely!!!

  • crizo

    people stop that mission on reese and rob she is geting married soon dont mes up her life

  • Mollyw

    she was soo cute as hannah montana!

  • SIN

    Speak English, you mental retard. NOt Selena, lilly ashley rose .

  • smileymiley

    lookin forward to new miley projects...

  • Sara

    :( I will miss that show alot

  • Sara

    Why is she doing that??

  • Lizzie

    no more of this annoying Woman Beater..will never get the image of Rhiannna's Face out of my mind. ...he can smile as much as he wants..LLOOSER ======= STFU Hes Done EVERYTHING He Has Supposed To Do .. Youve Got People Doing WAY worse Things But He Cant Move On With His Life ? f*ckK THAY ! Leave Him Alone JESUS