Swyllenhaal Joins the Are-They-or-Aren't They Club (PHOTOS)

There's certain celebrity couples that can't seem to decide whether they're an item, or merely a fleeting fling that was once a romance.

This week, rumors were abound that Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift enjoyed a dinner together, sparking curiosity as to whether they're rekindling their brief romance. Whether or not it was significant or just two famous people eating a meal is to be seen, but they're just the latest duo to go back-and-forth when it comes to coupledom.

Check out our list of Are-They-Or-Aren't-They Couples! Have you ever dated someone multiple times? Let us know in the comments!



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  • hi

    her head is 10x bigger than his.

  • ashley

    they broke up. get over it peoples! it's a good thing that they broke up as well. they're so not right for each other. i don't think i've ever seen a real smile on zac's face when he was with vanessa. they were all fake and see through. now that they're broken up, that's awesome and i hope it stays that way too.

  • fdsfdsfds

    he could do better than her. 'nuff said

  • dsadsadsa

    -_- enough of this foolishness

  • fuhdsifjkdh

    really? come on -_-.... beiber is a definant down grade and a child and selena could do better. if she wanted to date a lesbian, she could have any number of hot lesbians. or at least a girl who is bi.

  • fdjsjk

    you idiots. every one of you people are idiots. they are not dating. it is for publlicity. if you knew anything about them, or about any rapper for that matter, you would know they are not dating. and them flirting sells albums and records and gets them more dowloads

  • savanah

    taylor and taylor were perfect for each other

  • Rachael

    that lily is sooooo cute now don't get me wrong, I just dont know if she's right for my Taylor:p If she makes him happy great but shed better not break his heart. i mean he's so hot and sweet and he deserves someon that's good enough for him:)) fover and always tay-tayxxx

  • meishathesinger


  • maryamcullen

    i don't feel like to see them together,i don't know but it seems weird..

  • rahj

    he has a girlfriend she is NOT famous and she is PREGNANT check his facebook he doesnt hide it there!! just from the media he has personal photos of them she is a blonde and older than him..........she has famous family members what planet are you living on?? oh wait... ur 11 years old, arent you. that explains it.

  • jimmy

    oh yea did yall see the 1 when drake was dancing all up on nicki? there are not couples doe!