‘Gossip Girl’ vs. ‘Skins’: Which Will You Watch?

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Gossip Girl returns to the CW tonight after a month-long hiatus but the sexy teen drama has some new competition– namely, MTV’s new hit drama, Skins.

Both shows center around badly behaving teens and both shows air on Monday nights, making the first school night of the week a battleground for sexy teen soaps. Which show will win out– or is there a space in this world for both shows to coexist peacefully? Check out our rundown of each controversial show (including previews of tonight’s episodes) below.

Gossip Girl

Controversy Level: 5.8. Gossip Girl sparked a lot of controversy when it first premiered in 2007 for its depictions of teens drinking, drugging and doing a lot of non-PG things to each other. The show responded by putting its “bad” press on ads that appealed to young people who were thirsty for a sexy new show.

Response Following Controversy: The show’s clever ad campaign and continually sexy content made the teen soap a huge hit for the CW. As the adage goes, sex sells.

Fanbase’s Dedication: Very strong. Gossip Girl fans still stand by the show and will fight to the death to protect the show from cancellation.

Watch a preview for tonight’s episode below.


Controversy Level: 8.2. The US version of the hit UK show has already been forced to tone down some of its sexier scenes after it was likened to child pornography. Taco Bell and a slew of other advertisers pulled their advertising off of the popular show due to outcry by watchdog groups that feel that Skins is a bad influence on teens.

Response Following Controversy: Reactions to the show have been mixed, mostly because fans of the UK show feel that the US version too closely mimics its English cousin. As for now, it is still too early to tell if the backlash will effect ratings.

Franbase’s Dedication: For now, most fans seem dedicated to the UK version of the show but that could all change as the US Skins continues to grow. The show’s premiere last week had huge ratings so fans are still interested in the MTV version of the sexy show.

Watch a preview for the next episode of Skins below.

Gossip Girl airs on the CW at 9/8 CT and Skins airs on MTV at 10/9 CT.

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