Justin Bieber’s ‘Never Say Never’ Movie Poster

'Never Say Never' Clip
A sneak peek at Justin Bieber's cinematic epic.
Justin Bieber Gets Scanned!
Even the Biebs must abide by airport procedure.
Justin Bieber is certainly the poster boy for determination and ambition these days, in more ways than one.

The official poster for the “Baby” singer’s upcoming 3D cinematic epic Never Say Never has been released, giving true Beliebers everywhere a small taste of what to expect when the autobiographical documentary hits the big screen on February 11. (In case you missed the recently released trailer for the movie, check it out here.)

The tag line for the poster? “Find Out What’s Possible When You Never Give Up.”

An inspirational sentiment, to be sure, but feel free to give up your opinion in the comments section: Do you think Never Say Never will be, like, the best movie ever?