Matthew McConaughey's Beach Babes

Matthew McConaughey brought his children Levi, 2, and Vida, 1, for a day of fun in the winter sun in Malibu, California, on Sunday.

Both children wore matching white diapers, although it was his daughter Vida who seemed to hog most of the parental attention. This was most apparent when the elder McConaughey lowered her down toward the water face-first for a feel of the chilly Pacific water.

Click here to see McConaughey being a dad, and let us know what you think of the young family in the comments section.



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  • Ala

    Are they putting teh same size of diapers on both kids? Because those are huge for both! Ever heard of swimming diapers, matthew?

  • Sweetcourts

    have you ever taken a kid to the beach in a diaper? when a diaper gets any water in it sags a lot, that's why they make special water diapers

  • Stef

    I think these photos are precious yet I have to agree with Heidi's comment above it's all I can think of looking at them. Better of letting them run around naked than wear diapers if you can't be bothered putting on swimming diapers.

  • Hmmm!!!

    How old is levi to still be in a diaper???

  • Heidi

    Haven't they heard of swimming diapers? That's just plain cruel letting a baby walk around with a wet heavy nappy to their knees!! Not good enough!