Oprah Winfrey Has a Sister: The Secret Revealed

There was buzz abound over the weekend regarding a big secret Oprah Winfrey was set to reveal on her show on Monday, and now it’s been revealed: She has a long-lost half-sister.

According to reports, Winfrey will discuss on her show today how her mother had another child named Patricia, who was put up for adoption at an early age in 1963. Winfrey’s mother never told Oprah about the other sibling, as Winfrey–who was 9 years old at the time–was living with her father.

The AP is reporting that in 2007, Patricia found out that Winfrey was her half-sister, and Oprah found out in November about Patricia. They then met for the first time on Thanksgiving. Oprah, Patricia and the mother will all be on Monday’s show, which is themed around reunions. And be sure to check out our photo gallery of Stars and Their Non-Famous Siblings.