Whitney Port is on the (Scavenger) Hunt

If you follow her blog, you may remember Whitney Ports family’s scavenger hunt that she and her sister, Paige, won last year. Well, she did it again!

The Port family held their 2nd Annual Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party for Whitney’s sister Ashley and brother-in-law Evan on this Saturday. Whitney took some time off from her busy schedule to participate in the family event, and was once again paired up with her sister Paige, in a team that also consisted of their parents. With a long list of tasks that would surely create an adventurous afternoon, and a team that was hyped up and ready for the competition, they were able to complete most of tasks, and thus were declared this year’s winners.

Whitney blogs:

“Some of the things we had to do were: convince a stranger to let you eat their food…break dance in the middle of a crowded shopping area… pose on gym equipment wearing a leotard, pay for something that cost more than $1 with all pennies, and write Happy Birthday on a bald man’s head.”

It sounds like the Port family had quite a fun list.

How does your family like to celebrate each others’ birthdays? Let us know in the comments below.

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