'Jersey Shore' Headed to Italy for Season 4?

'Jersey Shore' Headed to Italy for Season 4?-photo
They've pretty much conquered the world, but could Italy be next?

According to reports, much like the Miami shake-up of season two, the cast of Jersey Shore will be heading to their motherland for the fourth season of the hit reality show.

Execs also reportedly began getting work visas for the cast and crew a couple months ago, in addition to getting some of Vinny Guadagnino's family to "host an authentic dinner" for the reality stars.

Our main concern? How will this affect their fist pumping and GTL regimens?

What are you thoughts on the Jersey Shore heading to Italy? Let us know in the comments!

Photo Credit: MTV



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  • sam

    they should come to australia next :P

  • lily collins
    lily collins

    Pauly D= so cute and funny Vinny= nice guy mike= nice eyes and body ronnie= funny laugh sammi= ... deena= crazy fun snooki= cute and funny jenni= real and smart

  • Alex

    They should come to Los angeles california instead!!!

  • ashley

    I thank that it is a good thing to so. I look forward of watching it:)

  • dude

    we do not want these idiots in Europe!

  • Leo

    They make the Italians here look bad and now they are going to look bad in the homeland of Italy. LOL

  • olivia

    I don't think it's a good idea me as an italian american know that italians in italy really don't care for this show nor alot of italian movies here in america. Not cool for these annoying kids to go to italy it's a disgrace to the italian community.