Ricky Gervais’ 80s Music Video

In the words of Tom Hanks at the Golden Globes this year: “Like many of you, we recall when Ricky Gervais was a slightly chubby but very kind comedian.” But do you recall when he was a skinny, flock of seagulls sporting musician?

You wouldn’t unless you are well-studied on lesser British pop songs from the mid ’80s. Gervais was once a member of the group Seona Dancing long before his breakthrough success with The Office. Their biggest hit was “Bitter Heart,” which climbed to number 70 on the British charts before fizzling out into obscurity. Having said that, the tune is fairly catchy and the music video is flat out hilarious by today’s standards.

Watch “Bitter Heart” from 1984 below:

Here’s a more current Ricky reacting to the old video on British TV:

How well does Ricky’s music video stand the test of time? Tell us in the comments section.