Chris Brown Gets Artsy (PHOTOS)

Chris Brown is expanding his talents into the visual arts, y'all!

The "I Can Transform Ya" singer, who was spotted at the recording studio on Tuesday, took a break from his musical duties to try his hand on another art later in the day, painting a portrait of a pig West Hollywood.

Could a gallery exhibit be in the young music star's future? Share your predictions in the comments section—after clicking through our photo gallery.



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  • sweet

    u a loser

  • guest who
    guest who

    he so fine

  • gwen

    First of all Chris if you are going around where the public can see you you should first pull your pants up where they belong and not down around your freaken knees. You need to grow up and act adult like if you want to be seen by the world as a role model. Actually I wouldn't want any of my grandkids to look up to you. You are a very immature person who need to go through anger mangement and learn how to treat people without flippin out. All I got to say I guess is GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alba Yaniris Gonzales Garcia
  • Alba Yaniris Gonzales Garcia
  • Derp

    Dam chris you cute as hell. <3

  • Neickha

    Do you chris. Your amazing!!!!

  • tawanda blow
    tawanda blow

    dhat ixx so kute chris brown i am one of your biggest fans nd i hate rihanna