Twitter Wishes Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ a Happy Birthday

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As amazing as it is to believe, it’s been nearly a year since Lady Gaga blew away the world with her epic “Telephone” single, forever altering the sonic landscape of pop music. And quite naturally, the world has gathered to celebrate this momentous occasion, reaching out over Twitter to share their thoughts and memories.

Even as we await the “Alejandro” singer’s sure-to-be-jaw-dropping Born This Way album, the Twitterverse is being dominated today by HappyBirthdayTelephone, which has become a worldwide trending topic, thanks to the legions of people who have been touched to their very core by Gaga’s musical gift to the world. Among those weighing in is none other than Gaga’s “Telephone” collaborator Beyonce Knowles, who offered,

“You’ve been a very bad girl, a very, very, very bad girl GaGa.”

And yet, so very good—at least, according to the public’s reaction to “Telephone.” The song, which was produced by Darkchild and written by Gaga, Knowles and three other collaborators, was Billboard’s top debut in it Hot 100 issue before the song was even officially released, and eventually rose to Billboard’s #3 position.

The subsequent and equally epic video for the song was similarly met with critical and public acclaim, racking up nearly 1.400,000 views on YouTube to date (though it would be surpassed by Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video by the end of 2010). The video also inspired numerous amusing reenactments which became Internet sensations in and of themselves.

Feel free to wish Gaga’s “Telephone” a happy birthday in the comments section. Do you remember where you were when you first heard the song, and what your reaction was? Share your memories of that with us too.

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