Hayden Christensen Hits the Beach (PHOTOS)

Life's a beach -- at least for Hayden Christensen.

The Star Wars actor soaked up the sun while vacationing in the Caribbean, and by the looks of it, he had a good time while swimming and grabbing food with friends.

It appears that Hayden's trip was guys-only though, with no evidence of his lady Rachel Bilson.

Check out the rest of the photos in the gallery and let us know what you think of Hayden's vacay pics in the comments!



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  • ReLo_K

    yeah...the role of Java in Star Wars VII...

  • Lakewood

    He could possibly be "bulking up" for a role.

  • Kay

    I love his smile.

  • Kay

    He is such a top guy and it's great to see him happy and in a state of freedom. Gorgeous man.

  • mariaines

    he's getting fat! in star wars and jumper he was built!

  • casey

    I meant to say, I rather like him with a little more weight on him, he looks great. He's just one of those actor's who is good lookin no matter what! We all get older and change and that's a good thing. He's still a hottie....whew!

  • casey

    Hayden looks like he's having a great time but he's rather like Kristen Stewart, he doesn't like the paparazzi snapping his picture while he's trying to be on a vacation! Who would! I wonder if Tove is with him there too? He's a wonderful actor and I love his movies, he's had some time off since his new movie has been delayed until later this year, I'm hoping he's finally getting a break and able to relax! Kinda wish they'd leave him be...