Katie Frazier Butchers Justin Bieber on 'Idol'

Katie Frazier on Idol
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American Idol got a dose of Justin Bieber on Wednesday night, and it wasn't the slightest bit pretty.

It all began when Wisconsin-bred Megan Frazier went front-and-center to audition in front of Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. After explaining her roots and reasoning for being there, Megan proceeded to sing Bieber's hit song 'Baby.' Except, it was in opera form. And, well ... you'll just really have to watch the video to appreciate it all.

As Frazier shrieked out her rendition of the smash hit, Randy buried his head in his hands, laughing all the way. He tried to intervene, but Frazier's crooning was too much to even allow him to stop the process.

Once Frazier was done, the group voted in unison: It was a resounding "No!" Watch the video after the jump! Though it's unfortunate for Frazier, Bieber has had success on Idol. Last year he belted out hits 'Baby' and 'U Smile' live on one of the show's broadcasts.

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  • jordy 36
    jordy 36

    Well she sings better than bieber

  • Jasse B
    Jasse B

    she┬┤s pretty beautiful;)

  • annywest

    hahahaha lol crazy girl)

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez

    Baby Baby baby ooooh, STOP SINGING! Pretty pleez.

  • Bella

    hahaha funny

  • Kim

    She sucks

  • sophie1986

    I feel like I just watched a Michael Bay action scene.

  • Noah

    I liked when they started baa'ing at her like sheep.