Kristen Stewart: The New Snow White?

KStew's Evil Queen?
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Mirror mirror on the wall: Is Kristen Stewart the fairest of them all?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kristen, 20, is in negotiations to play Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman, a new, live-action adaptation of the classic fairy tale.

The Twilight beauty is reportedly at the top of the list for possible Snow Whites. Other actresses that are being considered for the lead role include Kristen's Runaways co-star Riley Keough and Emily Browning, one of the stars of the upcoming Sucker Punch.

With her fair skin and dark hair, KStew is a perfect physical match to play the fairy tale character. Plus, Kristen already has plenty of experience playing iconic characters (Bella Swan, anyone?) so stepping into Snow White's shoes wouldn't be that daunting for the young actress.

Other actors that are slated for the new film include Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron, who will reportedly play the Evil Queen.

Do you think Kristen would make a good Snow White? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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  • kate

    kristen is a good actress , she can play any role emily b. is suck ! idiot ! i dont like her kristen is the best and beautiful.. emily is ugly, not good in acting , freak,.. well lets choose kristen stewart..

  • Chong Sin
    Chong Sin

    -.- continue twilight la!!! why need to create new movie??

  • Olivia

    NOOOO! Not her, please! She's a god-awful actress. , There is no way she can play a feminine icon with the one facial expression she can do, which is sulky. I'd love to see Rachel McAdams as Snow White, she'd be perfect, as she's got that delicate beauty and she's a good actress.

  • Dizzy

    How is that biased? All I said was that she looked good in the trailer. You're the one who sounds biased if you have something against her. I'm not even a big fan of her; I just think she's a better choice. All I did was give my opinion and did nothing to insult Kristen Stewart because I have nothing against her. I think she gets picked on too much and I'm not going to stoop to that level. But apparently you will when it comes to Emily Browning.

  • daddi

    Ewwww she sucks smoks weed and she is very ugly

  • Marlyn

    I doubt that no one is wors than her

  • Jenny

    I think Emily Browning is a great choice for the role. She looks great as a brunette in "The Uninvited" and already reminds me of a fairytale character with her pretty features.

  • wellma

    I haven seen a badder actress than Kristen

  • Miley4ever

    Ur freakin right about every singl thing u said

  • Miley4ever

    They both sucks ur idiot

  • seharniazi

    she will look great in this movie...........

  • robstenlover

    only if rob is the prince :)

  • kristenlover

    mmhhmmm,,, i agree too

  • kristenlover


  • Steff17

    come on people!!, she is a great actress, I don't understand why the people has an opinion about something they really doesn't know!!! she is an a great actress!!

  • Steff17

    she is going to be amazing!!!

  • guest

    Love the idea. Kristen is a fantastic actress.

  • Laura

    I would rather have Emily B. than Kristen. I like Kristen, but no way. Even if the role is supposed to be darker there is just no way that she should be in a fairytale movie. But if she does get the role then congratulations. P.S: Kacy Sucker Punch is influenced by anime along w/ other things such as male fetishes. That's the reason she looks like that. The least you could do is know what's going on in the movie.

  • kacy

    lol, Emily Browning looks amazing in suckerpunch ? umm yeah, the movie that is not even out yet. LOL. you sound not biased at all .NOT Please Emilys fans, stop trying to make that girl happen, she's not gonna happen. She looks like a video game character in the suckerpunch trailer . Yeah she's fighting with a sword , dressing like a hooker ..Haha, yes that's talent , lol

  • Here

    But this will not be a classic snow white. It's a dark version. I doubt Kristen really wants this role. She may just do some approaching to Universal.

  • Dizzy

    I'm rooting for Emily Browning. She looks amazing in "Suckerpunch" and has the angelic face to pull it off. Apparently this is suppose to be a darker version of Snow White. So it sounds interesting. Go Emily!

  • Noly

    Just no! I'm beggin no! Don't ruin a classic! She will ruin everything lip biting and hair flipping!

  • *shrugs*

    Despite Kristen Stewart not being even close to looking like Snow White (other than being ridiculously pale, but that doesn't make her beautiful), I'd actually prefer her as Sleeping Beauty. If only because then she'd be unconscious for a good chunk of it. However, jokes aside, she's not charismatic enough to pull off this character and let's face it, if she does do this movie, we'll have to deal with her bitching about being forced into it for the next two years.



  • juno

    i'm sure she'll add something exquisite to the the character caus she's a genuis

  • juno


  • juno

    shut the fuck up to any one thinks he/she knows athing about acting,kristen is fabulous and she will do an amazing job i'm sure , and also we are suppose to wait and see before we judge,wright?

  • blehh

    Shut up haters!!! she's perfect as snow white, your Rob's WORST ACTOR IN TWILIGHT!!!! IDIOT

  • sheetal

    yea may be you are right.Ididnt see any of his movies other than twilight where he looked constipated.

  • Angelina

    Emily Browning is perfect for this role. kristen is too thin.

  • Here

    Are you kidding? Pattinson is such a bad actor. He is more a musician than actor. I didn't see anyting in RM or twilight.

  • Here

    I prefer her to shoot An American Girl. But she will be a great snow white. I will watch the film only if Kristen is in it. She is so talented and beautiful.

  • sheetal

    SHE WILL RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE. IF YOU WANT TO SEE LIP BITING,STUTTERING,HAIR FLIPPING ,UNCONTROLABLE BLINKING and INHALE/EXHALE LOUDLY AS ACTING GO AHEAD. This is one person who is in the wrong profession. Total insult to hollywood/actors in general. Wooden expression in general. She is only good if cast as a statue.Robert Pattinson ended up having razzie nomination because of her.It seems when he is with her he forgot acting

  • psychokittyd

    please oh GOD no!

  • lully

    totally agree!! screw the haters

  • emily

    Please no!!! Snow white is not supposed to be b*tchfaced pothead; oh come on, her eyes are dead!

  • emily

    WHY GOD, WHYYYYYYY?????? This is tragic! She can't do anything but be miserable! She's acting like that in every film&in real life! Just say no people!!!!

  • Elena

    Of course¡¡¡ She's perfect¡¡ I will watch this film if she plays the role. She's the best¡¡¡ Love you Kristen¡¡

  • Ash

    Shame, is should not play Snow Whit. She is going to ruin a bueatiful classic

  • Charis

    I agree with u

  • sophie1986

    Gosh, I wonder if Kristen Stewart will play this role as broody and complex. Such an actress. Such a talent.

  • ml



    Pleas now dont ruin a classic