Miley Cyrus Checks in From ‘So Undercover’ Set (VIDEO)

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Not been getting nearly enough Miley Cyrus lately? You’re not alone. Since the Hannah Montana star’s salvia scandal last year, she’s mostly been laying low with her nose to the grindstone, filming her upcoming action/comedy flick So Undercover. (Cyrus stars as a butt-kicking private eye who’s hired to go undercover in a college sorority in the film, which is due out later this year.)

Luckily, Cyrus took some time out to reach out to her fans on Wednesday, filming a video blog from her trailer on the set to update her followers on her goings-on. Check out the video under the jump, as Cyrus, with the end of the shoot looming, talks about long hours on the set, and the movie’s wrap party—which included a very special jam session between herself and co-star Jeremy Piven.

Do you think So Undercover will further establish Miley’s reputation as a big-screen presence to be reckoned with? Share your predictions in the comments section.

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