Miley Cyrus Tops ‘Worst Influence’ List Two Years Running

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Miley Cyrus might be focusing on her film career at the moment, but some of her recent extracurricular activities are what’s on the public’s mind—and they aren’t making a positive impression.

The 18-year-old former Hannah Montana star tops Web site Just So You Know’s readers’ poll of worst pop-culture influences on America’s children—a feat she also accomplished in last year’s poll.

Cyrus took in 58 percent of the 99,000 votes cast in the poll, which was conducted among the site’s 9- to-15-year old target audience. The singer beat out some formidable competition for the dubious honor, besting recent rehab patient Lindsay Lohan, current rehab patient Demi Lovato, and Gossip Girl hunk/drug-bust recipient Chace Crawford.

No doubt, Miley’s recent experiment with salvia went a long way in putting Cyrus in the top slot.

Do you think Miley is really a bad influence on children, let alone the worst influence? Sound off in the comments section.

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