Miley Cyrus Tops 'Worst Influence' List Two Years Running

Miley Cyrus Tops Worst Influence Poll

Miley Cyrus might be focusing on her film career at the moment, but some of her recent extracurricular activities are what's on the public's mind—and they aren't making a positive impression.

The 18-year-old former Hannah Montana star tops Web site Just So You Know's readers' poll of worst pop-culture influences on America's children—a feat she also accomplished in last year's poll.

Cyrus took in 58 percent of the 99,000 votes cast in the poll, which was conducted among the site's 9- to-15-year old target audience. The singer beat out some formidable competition for the dubious honor, besting recent rehab patient Lindsay Lohan, current rehab patient Demi Lovato, and Gossip Girl hunk/drug-bust recipient Chace Crawford.

No doubt, Miley's recent experiment with salvia went a long way in putting Cyrus in the top slot.

Do you think Miley is really a bad influence on children, let alone the worst influence? Sound off in the comments section.

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  • shabazz

    and how would you know that the way she was raised wasnt good, do you even know her parents, do you even know how they raised her?... im pretty sure you dont... maybe the way you were raised wasnt too great either.....

  • shabazz

    your right she's not sweet and innocent because she's not a little girl anymore and she isnt hannah montana, shes MILEY CYRUS, completely two different people, in fact hannah isnt even real! She growing up get over it, every teenager has done something that there not too proud of probably done alot of things there not too proud of, we are all human, realize she is to.

  • shabazz

    i agree, she broke away from disney a while before she started doing all these things, and ur right its not mileys responsibility to raise everybodys kids it the parents.

  • sophie1986

    The moral of the story? When your parents are named Tish and Billy Ray, you have absolutely no shot of being well-adjusted.

  • blahblahblahx

    she shouldve known this day would come. lol

  • mrsdestinyhope

    Um, but Miley didn't go to one of those kids asking to be their idols. THEY CHOSE HER. And just because ur idol does something, it doesn't mean u have to do it too. And TWO: Miley is not responsible for those kids that look up to her. The parents are. Mileyy's job is to act and sing. Not to tell little girls how to dress and all that other mess parents expect her to do just because she's some DISNEY ROBOT.

  • Sarah!6

    people are hard on her because shes a celebrity who has kids/teens treating her as an idol.if you are an "idol" (suprisingly) you should be acting like one instead of a loose girl smoking things that are or use to be illegal

  • =)

    nobody's perfect, build a bridge and get over it.

  • penny

    i think she is lost in her head but can you blame her ? the she was raised was def not good . i hope she gets back on track

  • Cbreezy

    she doesnt deserve it . miley is very sweety when u meet her in person . everybody who met her said that .

  • Mary

    What class. Let's hope you don't have daughters...or sisters, or a mom...

  • Mary

    Wow, you can spell "influence" but not "innocent"?

  • babooda

    She grew should try it! Stop parroting the crap that you read on the gossip sites and realize that Miley Cyrus isn't Hanna Montana. She is a real person, who hasn't done anything that millions of other teenagers on the verge of adulthood haven't done. Many of those teens have done much worse than anything that Miley could ever do. Think:"Teen Mom"! Besides that, how exactly do her changes is costuming and the fact that someone posted a video of her smoking salvia mean she is no longer sweet?

  • Sese

    Yah she needs to stop this!!!!!!!! She used to be a sweet inacent little girl but from pole dancing to the outfitsits going ALL down hill. I think she's a bad influence.

  • Miley4ever

    WTF?? bad influence? for who what have she done what other celeb hasnt. She is a human being she can live her life just the way she wants it. Give her a break. The media is the one thats crushing her. by making seem like a bad person wich she is not

  • Sarah

    The world is too PC these days! she's fine leave her alone!

  • dafish11

    she needs to stop being such a media person she just needs to relax and take some therapy for the better

  • jordy 36
    jordy 36

    well deserved too

  • kardashiansxoxoxoxo

    I really love Miley I think she needs to lay low for a little and find herself. Being a teenager is all about finding yourself and doing infront of the public eye is very hard and stressing.

  • mandy

    i dont know why people treat miley so badly ? i mean sometimes she deserves it but not all the time . they only remind us of the bad things she does not the good things .

  • stazzieable

    miley's best!

  • stazzieable

    she's being herself but its too much!

  • trent

    she's like charle sheen but with tits just wai a couple of years.