Justin Bieber Channels Robert Pattinson at 'Rolling Stone' Shoot

Justin Bieber Does Robert Pattinson

Justin Bieber has once again switched up his iconic hairstyle—but this time there's something eerily familiar about his new 'do.

The "Baby" singer tweeted a behind-the-scenes look from his Rolling Stone photo-shoot on Friday afternoon, featuring the singer with a meticulously mussy head of  locks. Bieber noted in the caption for the pic,

"at the ROLLING STONE photoshoot doing my best @thatrygood impression. haha."
"Thatrygood" is a reference to Bieber's "swagger coach" Ryan Good (pictured at right.) And, true, it's a pretty stunning resemblance. But the Biebs' disheveled look also can't help but remind the viewer of wild-maned screen vampire Robert Pattinson.

Could R-Pattz be the real inspiration for Bieber's look? After all, Bieber has expressed his desire to hit the town with Pattinson.

Who do you think wears the look better—Bieber or Pattinson? And do you think R-Pattz will adopt the famous Bieber bangs in return? Have your say in the comments section!

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  • lil vv
    lil vv

    jb looks much more better than rp justin should b the little vampire

  • robsessed4ever

    i agree tooo, rob is the best :)

  • Jessica

    As in young, "bueatiful" teenagers that can barely type coherent?

  • sasha

    rob looks way better than justin justin is crap jusin bieber so badly wants to hang out with rob sorry bieber your too immature

  • Steff17

    this boy is a big Blah!!!!!

  • Delaney

    I think Robert Pattinson TOTTALY wears the look better I mean seriously :( I HATE Justin Bieber!!!!!!!

  • Delaney


  • Kylie

    Ppl that likes Bieber are young and bueatiful teenager most of ppl that likes Rob are old perveted married woman freakin gross.

  • Trygve

    I agree with u

  • Regina

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwww Bieber coping Rob? No way Rob is weed smoking gay person. He was copying hes Rayn/@thatrygood. not Rob grross. Bieber a is health and good person. Rob smoks and he is unhealt and ugly

  • Pop

    Hell yeah girl

  • Jona

    Bieber is much better than Rob so is his hair

  • sophie1986

    You think Pattinson’s at home right now, using his Pattinson action figure to stomp up and down on his Bieber action figure?

  • emma

    Rob is an original & way sexier than you!! so Bieber, don't try to copy nor faking Rob's trademark or sexiness. copying Rob's style won't do any favour for you!

  • Lisa

    I mean Stephan ... Stephan Salvatore

  • Lisa

    Rob Pattinson?! Yeah right .... more like Paul Wesley (Damon Salvatore)

  • ashley

    eeewwwwww rob is way better im not a twilight fan but i gotta say rob is the sexiest man alive justin is so ugly why is everybody channeling rob like justin bieber, zac efron channeled him Rob you turn me on like no other guy

  • lully


  • megan

    robert pattinson wears the hair better no one can pull off what rob does his clothes, hair, look nobody can do what he does bieber just looks like a freak in front of rob

  • P.J.

    wow.....a person i strongly dislike* tryna look like some one else i strongly dislike* (*aka HATE) yes im a hater of bieber and twilight...so what? BTW bieber should keep his trademark hair instead of that style, he would look LESS scarier than he already was..... (no offence to those Beliebers out there.................)