Khloe Kardashian Misses Her Red Hair

Better Off Red?
Do these stars look better as redheads, or not?
Khloe Kardashian is suffering from separation anxiety—from her fiery hairdo.

The reality TV queen, who recently switched back to brunette after experimenting with life as a redhead, took to her official Web site on Friday to note that the hair-color switch has put her in a melancholy mood. Kardashian writes,

“Hi dolls. I was just looking at pics of me with my red hair and I got kind of sad LOL. It was such a fun, new look for me– I really miss it!!!! So I figured I would do a little gallery devoted to my short-lived redhead look!!”

Do you like Khloe better as a redhead or brunette? Share your opinion in the comment section. And make sure to visit her official site for more pics of her redheaded days.