‘Lavagirl’ Taylor Dooley Talks Turning 18, Kissing Taylor Lautner

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Taylor Dooley is at the cusp of turning 18 and is looking to get back to work in Hollywood after taking a couple years off to finish up high school and start college.  Celebuzz spoke exclusively with the starlet, best-known as half of The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl alongside Twilight beefcake Taylor Lautner, well before his watershed moment in time.

So what has Miss Dooley learned from her transition from childhood stardom into a beautiful adult? That even if you’re a celebrity, you still have to wait for nature to take its course.

“I’ve been 5’5″ since I was 13,” she said. “I’ve looked like this, and I’m finally catching up. My friends look at pictures of me, and they’re like, ‘You literally don’t age.'”

Dooley was also cool enough to share a moment of ridicule she endured while filming the movie’s kissing scene, where she and Lautner shared a smooch:

“I kiss Sharkboy on the cheek in the movie, and it was my first on screen kind of kiss on the cheek thing. So Robert [Rodriguez] (the director) embarrassed me by saying,  ‘Oh it’s going to be green screen so you don’t actually have to kiss Taylor. You can kiss this wooden pole.’ So he wrapped this wooden pole in green tape, made me say my lines and kiss the wooden pole like it was Taylor. I was like, ‘Alright cool. Let’s do this.'”

After several takes, Rodriguez instructed Dooley to “really stay there a long time and kiss the pole. Then he was like, ‘Alright now bring in Taylor.’ Everybody in the crew just started cracking up laughing, and Taylor was just laughing so hard. My face was so funny. They knew I was freaking out about it cause the moms had been talking about it. I was 11 or 12 when we shot it, and we were like best friends. I was like, ‘This is weird!’ Taylor made fun of be about that forever.  The whole entire time I had no idea. I was so into it.”

Watch the movie’s kissing scene:

Her activities of choice when chilling with her old friend T-Laut all fall under the heading of “being goofballs,” Dooley said, adding that she sees the Twilight star “all the time.” Their similarities, as you may not know, are staggering, and it goes far beyond sharing the same first name. They’re both from Michigan, both starred in their first movie together and both have moms named Debbie.

“It was terrible to deal with. I remember the first day everybody was like, ‘Can we bring Taylor to set? Well, which Taylor?’ And it was the biggest mix-up all the time. So Robert was like, ‘Let’s make this easy. You’re Sharky and you’re Lava.’ For the rest of the set we were Sharky and Lava the entire time.”

As for Twilight, she’s never read the books but loves the movies. “Taylor’s been trying to get me to read them, but the movies are really good. I’m really excited for Taylor about everything that Twilight has done for him. I’m really proud of him. I know he’s enjoying it and having a blast.”

3D has finally taken hold of Hollywood, and Dooley can count herself among the 21st century pioneers of the technology. “There’s something I really like about it,” she said. “The thing that’s really sad for me – I know Sharkboy and Lavagirl came out and it was the whole red and blue glasses deal still. Those give a me a headache sometimes, but I know with the polarized 3D that they come out with, it’s absolutely amazing in 3D. We got to see the movie like that, and I wish everybody else got to see the movie that way.”

For now, Taylor’s biding her time until her 18th birthday on February 26 when she’ll be set free into the unconstrained adult world of acting. She’s deep in the pilot season and auditions that go with it in the meantime. “I would love to play a character that I could sink my teeth into, whether it’s a movie, TV, comedy or drama. I feel like there’s a lot of different parts of my personality that I’d like to show. I would be a lot of fun to be on anything to be honest.”

Refresh your memory on the children’s epic by watching the original 2005 trailer for The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D:

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