Ricky Gervais Makes an ‘Office’ Cameo

The Office got a bit meta last night as Ricky Gervais, the creator of the original British version of the series (and recent Golden Globes pariah), made a guest cameo in the show’s intro — creating an incredibly awkward and hysterical exchange between Gervais and Steve Carell.

As Carell’s Michael Scott character, who’s essentially an Americanized version of Gervais’ original David Brent role, waited to get on the elevator. Once Gervais popped out, they immediately dove into a conversation that included spontaneous love, awkward back-and-forths, and in true Office style, very inappropriate workplace banter.

Carell tells Gervais that he’s working on a British character, prompting a horrible accent, when Gervais then counters with a stereotypical Asian impression. Then, after a “that’s what she said” joke inspires Carell to hug him, Gervais walks away and that was it: A clash of comedic brilliance and television internationalism.